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Man charged after alleged DUI crash kills passenger, injures 3

When someone in the Chicago area is allegedly intoxicated, one of the most dangerous actions that person can take is to attempt to drive. When that driver has passengers inside his vehicle, that danger is extended to people who are now at risk for another's actions.

Chicago nursing home neglect results in award to plaintiff

The untimely and wrongful death of an elderly loved one due to negligent care is painful and very frustrating. Chicago nursing home neglect is a reality faced by many seniors. Sadly, many facilities continue to fail to provide much needed medical care, which has caused the number of wrongful death lawsuits to increase every year.

Chicago cop kills two drivers in fatal drunk driving crash

The public holds police officers in high regard. As such, we expect that they will act in the interest of public safety at all times, even while off duty. Recently, however, Chicago residents were horrified to hear about a fatal drunk driving accident caused by Chicago police officer who was driving the wrong direction down Lake Shore Drive.

Driver who killed 5 in truck crash receives short sentence: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a truck driver who was recently sentenced to less than five years in prison for causing a crash that killed five people and injured nine others. Investigators believe that the 48-year-old truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel; evidenced by the fact that he didn't even slow down before slamming his 18-wheeler into a line of stopped vehicles on the highway.

Driver who killed 5 in truck crash receives short sentence: Part I

We have previously written that when a negligent driver takes the lives of other motorists on the road, criminal justice alone is often insufficient. Families who have lost their loved ones deserve more closure and more compensation from the at-fault driver than a criminal sentence can provide.

Chicago drunk driver arrested after causing fatal crash on I-80

Drunk driving remains one of most reckless and selfish decisions an individual can make. By choosing to get behind the wheel, drunk drivers show that they have no regard for the lives or safety of others on the road, and car accidents involving drunk drivers are often fatal to the law-abiding motorists involved.

Former employees help prove nursing home abuse

Two former employees of a nursing facility in Kankakee who turned whistleblowers against their employer were recently able to help a federal civil court jury find the facility's then-owner guilty of defrauding the federal government in 2004. The jury returned a $28 million verdict against the former owner, who was found liable for abusing facility residents and filing phony Medicare and Medicaid claims.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed following fatal car-train collision

There are many ways to get around in Chicago, but our various forms of transportation do not always coexist peacefully. One major hazard faced by car and truck drivers alike is railroad crossings. Malfunctioning signals or gates can leave one's vehicle right in the path of a speeding train.

Chicago man faces criminal charges for passenger's death in crash

We have previously written that lawsuits prompted by car accidents are not always as simple as one injured driver pitted against another. Sometimes, the injured or killed party was a passenger riding with an irresponsible driver at the time of the crash.

Wife of Illinois Trooper sues trucking company after fatal crash

When you drive down the highways of Illinois and you see a car stopped on the shoulder, do you slow down and move to the opposite lane? How about when you see an Illinois State Trooper stopped on the side of the road?

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