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Frosted windshields and snow on cars make for dangerous driving

Native Chicagoans have more than a little experience driving in wintry conditions. Many of us are so used to the changes necessary for winter driving that they come as second nature. That being said, there are plenty of drivers out there willing to put the safety of others at risk because they are too lazy to maintain their car in winter.

Foggy weather may have led to multi-vehicle car accidents

Inclement weather might be enough for many drivers to exercise excess caution on the road, but those who do not may find themselves facing civil or even criminal penalties if they cause a serious car accident. In Illinois, car accidents in times of less than ideal weather might be especially frightening for those who do take the time to slow down and ensure their safety on the road. A recent wreck involving several vehicles driving under foggy road conditions resulted in at least one serious injury.

1 of Chicago's car accidents leaves 3 with serious injuries

Being involved in an accident often leaves an individual shaken. Car accidents that result in serious injuries and death can make one even more distressed. Driving at night requires extra awareness of one's surroundings, especially in a town where there are pedestrians walking around. An automobile collision in Chicago resulted in the serious injury of three people.

Video of 50-car pile-up reminds us about winter driving hazards

When you live in Chicago (or the Midwest generally) it should go without saying that winter driving necessarily looks and feels a lot different than driving at any other time of year. Snow, ice, low visibility and very cold temperatures require motorists to slow down and drive defensively.

Latest distracted driving trend: Taking 'selfies' behind the wheel

Perhaps one of the most annoying trends among millennials is the obsessive need to document every mundane aspect of one's life, to share it online and to coin new buzz words to describe the process of documentation. The cellphone camera and social media sites seem largely to blame for creating the "selfie;" a word now recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary that describes self portraits taken with a smartphone.

Can Chicago drivers and bicyclists find common ground?: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about the long-standing dispute between bicyclists and automobiles. This problem can be seen on the streets of Chicago and in nearly every other densely populated urban area across the United States.

NSC predicts hundreds of auto fatalities this Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend is one of the most dangerous holidays for Americans traveling by motor vehicle. As teens and adults all across the country seek to celebrate the final days of summer, too many choose to irresponsibly drive while intoxicated. As a result, a staggering number of fatal car accidents occur every year during this transition from summer to autumn.

When is a car accident more than just an accident?

As one of America's most prominent cities, Chicago sees more than its share of traffic collisions and the injuries that accompany them. Each year, countless Chicago residents are injured or killed in preventable car accidents and pedestrian accidents.

Another work-related death at an Illinois industrial plant

Jobs in industrial plants and construction sites are dangerous because of the presence of large equipment, dangerous tools and working high off the ground. Employers and company owners must do everything possible to avoid the potential for workplace accidents. If they fail, one or more workers may be injured or die.

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