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Preventing elder abuse in Illinois nursing homes

Nursing home abuse is a heartbreaking reality in Illinois. Many elderly residents have fallen victim to such abuse often at the hands of nursing home staff. Many senior residents of Illinois live in the nursing homes due to prolonged illnesses and the need for constant medical care. However, many family members are often unaware of the daily abuse and neglect faced by their elderly members living in such institutions.

An Illinois lawyer can help in an unwarranted nursing home death

Nursing home deaths and other types of medical malpractice have become a serious problem in Illinois. Unfortunately the most vulnerable to nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse are senior citizens.

Giving Illinois's elderly the care they deserve

Residents of Chicago have been as much witnesses of a trend as residents in other American cities. Elderly people who continue to live dignified lives are suddenly left incapacitated or injured without anyone being aware of it as a possibly fatal duration of time. Consequently, many people choose the relative luxury of a nursing home where their loved ones are provided with all of the necessary care, including medical care.

How are nursing homes inspected and regulated in Illinois?

Illinois families often keep elderly family members in nursing homes so that their safety is ensured and that they are provided with adequate healthcare. Doctors are readily available to care for nursing home patients, rendering these places suitable for people who are weak or suffering from illnesses. However, elder abuse, malnutrition, bed sores and even death are sometimes reported from some nursing homes.

Elder abuse may be prevalent in Illinois nursing homes

Family members usually do their best to take care of and provide for their elderly loved ones. However, there can be a stage in life when the elderly person is not be able to take care of themselves and may have to be admitted into a nursing home. The family should be confident that their loved ones are safe in the nursing home with professionals to care for their needs. However, this is often not the case, as can be seen in a recent event when a nursing home staff member from Illinois was arrested after allegedly hitting a disabled resident.

Illinois family files lawsuit against assisted-living facility

Just like anyone residing in nursing homes, people staying at assisted-living facilities have the rights to receive adequate care and treatment. However, such long-term care facilities are often subject to complaints of elder abuse and neglect.

Medication errors cause nursing home neglect cases in Illinois

Cases of nursing home abuse may stem from elder abuse, bedsores, medication errors and malnutrition. In fact, a recent report indicated that medication errors in Illinois's nursing homes have resulted in hospitalizations for residents. Unfortunately, there are also cases of Chicago nursing home neglect due to fatal medication error.

Some incidents of nursing home abuse are underreported

Many nursing homes in the U.S., including those in Chicago, Illinois, ensure that our elderly loved ones are well-taken care of. However, data released by the National Center on Elder Abuse Administration suggests the opposite may be true.

Chicago nursing homes should learn from recent disease outbreak

A disease outbreak has caught not only the attention of Chicago, Illinois, residents, but those throughout the entire country, as well. The outbreak, which has been traced to a nursing home in Alabama, has left one person dead and more than a dozen others infected. Legionnaires' disease, a fatal type of pneumonia caused by a bacterial infection, was confirmed by health officials as the cause of the fatality.

Nursing home faces new complaints of Illinois elder abuse

The elderly residents of Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, are often taken to nursing homes when their loved ones can no longer take care of them. Family members trust these nursing homes to provide the best possible services such as grooming, feeding and administering medication to their loved ones. However, cases of Illinois elder abuse continue to appear in the news with some residents suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. These forms of abuse can lead to hospitalization and even death, in some cases.

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