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OSHA fines Illinois scrap metal company for violating rules

Manufacturing and construction worksites are typically hazardous environments. Heavy machinery and equipment, ladders and other dangerous tools may make these kinds of work sites potentially dangerous work zones. If any worker is injured in a workplace accident, Illinois law requires that the company responsible for the injuries provide workers' compensation. However, employers in this situation may be subject to government-imposed fines, as well.

Are death benefits payable for an IL construction site injury?

In Illinois, work-related deaths occur due to a variety of reasons, such as construction accidents, defective roof structures on the construction site, falls from heights, unsafe ladders and scaffolding supplied by the employer or dangerous tools used by the employee.

Illinois vacationers witness fiery death of pilot

Illinois employers and government authorities tasked with worker safety employ and implement policies that are usually geared toward protecting workers against Illinois construction site injuries, which may involve dangerous tools or falls from heights. However, there is certain work that is automatically associated with danger. In a recent case of a work-related fatality, a pilot lost his life while he was battling a forest fire.

Two workers killed in Illinois plant explosion

According to the law in Illinois, every employer should ensure that the workplace is free from all known dangers. The employer should train employees on proper safety procedures and also warn them of the possible dangers at work. However, an Illinois construction site injury or accidents resulting from dangerous tools or falls from heights can still occur. Recently, two men were killed and another was injured at an Illinois recycling company.

Illinois worker dies in tragic workplace accident

When a worker is killed in an accident at the workplace, the situation will inevitably be traumatic for members of his or her family. Not only is the family robbed of their livelihood, but they also go through a difficult emotional phase. If the worker underwent treatment before succumbing to the injuries, there may be medical expenses to address as well. An employer of workers affected by an Illinois construction site injury may be required to pay workers' compensation for employees injured or other expenses in the event of a fatality on the premises.

Illinois workers remember colleagues who died on the job

Chicago, Illinois residents would be shocked to know that more than 50,000 workers are killed in the United States every year as a result of injuries and illnesses caused by their occupation. This statistic is based on a recent study conducted by the National Council on Occupational Safety and Health. The report entitled, "Preventable Deaths 2014" contains data pertaining to workplace fatalities for the year 2012.

Industrial accident leaves worker dead in Illinois facility

Working at a metal scrapping facility involves tasks that can be strenuous and expose workers to different kinds of hazards. However, many Illinois workers have to face these hazards in order to support themselves and their families' needs. Unfortunately, a single instance of a work-related accident can end in serious, even fatal injuries.

Worker's death cautionary tale for Chicago employers

Last April, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched a nationwide initiative to assure the safety of temporary workers. A recent incident where a temporary worker lost his life in a workplace accident underscores the need for such safety initiatives. It should also serve as an eye-opener for Chicago employers to demonstrate the importance of employee safety.

Harvest time can lead to Illinois work-related deaths

Chicago residents may often associate work-related injuries and deaths with construction accidents. Some of the most common types of construction accidents are results of unsafe ladders and scaffolding, dangerous tools, defective roof structures and collapsing trenches. A construction worker may suffer from debilitating injuries that can lead to a fatality. Chicago work-related deaths often stem from construction-related accidents. As the harvest season approaches, however, readers may notice farm-related injuries and deaths occurring.

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