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Making consumer safety a priority

A Chicago resident buying a product in the United States assumes it will be safe to use or consume. Unfortunately, many consumers are injured or made ill when they use dangerous or defective products. Any Chicago products liability attorney would probably say unequivocally that consumer safety should be the most important priority for a product manufacturer. At our law firm we have a history of holding manufacturers responsible for bad products, including dangerous and defective automotive products that have injured unsuspecting residents of Chicago.

Caveat emptor: safe shopping for consumer safety

Caveat emptor is one of the basic principles of tort law in product liability lawsuits. Loosely translated caveat emptor means buyers beware. Thus under this principle the buyer or consumer of the product is presumed to have basic knowledge of the product he or she proposes to purchase. However, the basic tragedy remains that many Illinois residents are not able to fully understand this concept.

How does the law protect Illinois children from unsafe products?

Illinois parents want to be confident that products they buy for their children are safe. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was enacted by Congress to protect consumers from the effects of unsafe products. Product safety, especially for items such as toys that are used by infants and toddlers, is a very important area of concentration for consumer safety authorities.

Illinois legislation aims to reduce product liability

Chicago products liability cases may be able to meet with a speedier resolution due to the recent introduction of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). As a direct result of the implementation of the CPSIA, the Consumer Product Safety Commission may be able to enforce with greater speed and authority certain measures and policies that help reinforce the rights of consumers at large.

Couple files product liability case against Diamond Pet Foods

Illinois residents would probably agree that if a defective product reaches a consumer the retailer, as well as the manufacturer, cannot duck their responsibilities. Product liability laws have been passed in order to ensure consumer safety by penalizing any manufacturer of defective products. One company is now facing an Illinois defective product liability case.

Consumer safety recall of yogurt-covered Craisins

If a dangerous or defective product in Chicago manages to reach a consumer and causes harm, the manufacturer, as well as the retailer, cannot escape liability for any injury caused to the consumer. The principal aim of product liability laws is to secure consumer safety by penalizing any action that may compromise the consumer.

Ice cream recalled from Illinois stores suspecting allergen

There is no doubt that of all the inhabitants of Illinois, there are many who savor ice cream like a delicacy. There are even such people who would go to considerable lengths and pay even a steep price to get hold of their desired flavor of ice cream. However, one can scarcely imagine the trauma and disappointment that such a person can experience if after consuming the delicacy of choice, he or she suffers from some physical problem owing to the product turning out to be defective or dangerous or owing to toxic exposure of some defective ingredient.

GM's recall spurs wrongful death lawsuit

The recent recall announced by GM for some of its cars has roused the interests of drivers in Chicago, Illinois concerned about consumer safety. The recall, which had been announced only in February, stemmed from faulty ignition switches in certain cars. This was an issue that GM was purportedly aware of as far back as 2004. Recently, after more than seven years, the family of the victim who allegedly died because of that defect filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the automaker.

Product liability: U.S. pulls defective baby monitor

A baby monitor provides Illinois parents with peace of mind because they can attend to other things, while keeping track of their baby. However, a recent defective product recall has shattered that illusion after two babies died, proving the monitors to be a great threat to a child's safety.

Why Chicago residents should be wary of dietary supplements

Today, grocery and drug store shelves are stacked with different types of dietary supplements. However residents of, Chicago, Illinois, should be extra careful when buying such products, especially after a dietary supplement was recalled when it was discovered that it was linked to reports of a death and cases of liver damage among consumers.

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