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Chicago lawyers for those injured in recreational activities

Many Illinois residents love outdoor recreational activities like such as boating and jet skiing. Unfortunately, these outdoor activities can sometimes end in serious injury or even death. Many accidental injuries are caused every year due to sporting activities. The attorneys at The Healy Law Firm have years of experience in pursuing compensation for personal injury victims.

Is a facility operator accountable for a boating accident?

The owner of any property is responsible for making sure that the premises is well maintained and that necessary safety measures are in place to reduce the probability of an accident. The owner is also responsible for providing adequate warnings to people asking them not to enter his or her property if it is in an unsafe condition.

Safety and adherence to laws important during boating

Many people from Illinois enjoy outdoor recreational activities. Hiking, biking, waterskiing and boating are some of the most preferred outdoor activities. However, while doing such fun and active activities, there is also a likelihood of accidents. Safety information, training and laws have been created and are mandated to help reduce accidents.

Three bills on boating safety signed into law in Illinois

Many people, especially children, enjoy the recreational activity of riding an inner tube while being towed by a boat. However, the same kind of activity left tragic memories for an Illinois Senator. Her 10-year-old nephew, who was enjoying the ride, was killed in a boating accident on July 28, 2012. He was struck by a drunk boater after he fell off the tube and was bobbing in the water.

Illinois boat accident causes injuries to four people

If a resident of Illinois spends leisure time involved in some form of recreational activity, that person most likely will not think about the possibility of an accident occurring, which may lead to serious injuries to himself or herself, as well as to others. Unfortunately, such accidents occur far too frequently and can cause head injuries and/or spinal injuries, which can make a victim's life very difficult.

Proposed Illinois bill aims to limit water recreational accidents

Water skiing on Lake Michigan is an exhilarating activity that many Chicago residents enjoy with family and friends. Unfortunately, similar to other recreational activities, water skiing can be risky and can quickly turn into a tragedy.

Negligence in pools and spas can lead to Chicago personal injury

Illinois offers an array of water-related recreational activities such as boating, kayaking and jet skiing. However, there have been numerous cases of boating accidents reported in the state with some of the people involved suffering injuries such as head, neck and spinal cord injuries. In some unfortunate cases, boating accidents have led to fatalities. Because of this, some local residents try to avoid going to lakes and choose alternative places such as swimming pools and spas for their recreational activities.

New Illinois law to punish boaters for injuries, deaths

Here in Illinois, taking to the waterways in a boat or jet ski is one of the most common-and fun-recreational activities that the state has to offer. However, just like any other activity, people participating in it have certain responsibilities to consider. For one, they should not engage in boating activities if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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