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OSHA imposes penalties in fatal construction accident case

The accidental death of a Chicago demolition worker has caused the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to impose a number of penalties on the responsible parties, including the company that employed the deceased worker. OSHA investigated the accident and concluded that the Chicago work-related death was preventable.

I lost a loved one on the job; can I sue?

Like all of the other states, Illinois has a workers' compensation system in place to ensure the families of employees get some compensation when their loved one be killed or even seriously injured in connection with their work. Workers' compensation also pays benefits to families who lose a loved-one due to a work-related illness, such as cancers related to asbestos exposure.

Retail worker safety during the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, many people throughout Illinois are headed to retail shops to complete their holiday list. People are busy buying food, clothing and toys to make their holidays as special as possible. This makes retail venues extremely busy during the holiday season. While this can be an inconvenience for some customers, it can also be dangerous for employees and customers alike in certain situations.

Moving forward from a work-related death

There are many different reasons why people go to work. Some people really enjoy what they do. Other people need to support a family. Others simply enjoy getting out of the house. Whatever the reason that Illinois residents get up and go to work, they should be safe on the job.

Construction vehicle injury leads to man's death

Those who work in construction and with heavy equipment in Illinois undoubtedly understand the risks they face every day. While experience, professionalism and adherence to safety procedures can prevent accidents from occurring, they are sometimes unavoidable. There are a great number of problems that can occur and lead to serious injury and death. Those who are involved in an Illinois construction site injury, and the families of those who die, need to be fully aware of how to pursue compensation in a legal filing after the incident has occurred.

Staying safe on scaffolding

Many workers in Illinois are placed in dangerous situations on the job. Some of these hazards come from naturally occurring conditions. Other hazards, on the other hand, are created as a part of the person's job. Scaffolding, for example, is erected to help construction workers reach high places on a job site. These temporary structures allow people to reach heights that they otherwise would be unable to access on their own.

How do workers stay safe in confined spaces?

Many workers face dangerous conditions in Illinois that can put their lives at risk. Some of these conditions are so serious that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has enacted rules to help guide employers to keep workers safe from harm in these cases. These rules help to prevent work related deaths and other avoidable injuries on job sites.

Agency fines company after work-related death

Employers in Illinois and throughout the country should take workplace safety seriously. They should follow safety regulations that have been adopted at the state and federal levels to keep workers safe from dangerous tools and other issues. These regulations have been enacted in order to try and reduce the number of serious injuries to workers. However, many companies still fail to follow even the most basic safety guidelines, and in the process they put their employees at risk. Sadly, this can cost workers their lives.

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