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Representation for victims of skiing and other injuries

Last week's post on this blog discussed how Chicago-area residents can take precautions while skiing, either at one of Illinois' commercial ski slopes or simply while going cross-country out in the rural areas of the state. Of course, people can engage in other fun activities well, such as snowmobiling or sledding. However, each and every one of these activities carries with it the possibility of someone getting seriously hurt.

Tips to avoid skiing injuries

Although people might not think about Illinois as snow skiing country, there are in fact several places in which Chicago residents can go within the state in order to enjoy the ski slopes. Additionally, the state's geography is amenable to cross-country skiing and is not terribly far, in some cases, a day's drive, from other places with steeper hills and mountains.

Examining the danger of winter sports

Many Illinois residents are eagerly waiting the end of fall and the beginning of winter. As the weather cools, many are looking forward to hitting the slopes and participating in a variety of winter-themed recreational activities. While these activities can be fun and engaging for people of all ages, many carry the risk of injury.

Safe splash pad construction in Chicago

With summer in full force, many residents in Illinois are looking for ways to cool off in the heat. While some people may think about going to public pools, other people are taking a non-traditional route. Splash pads have become more popular in recent years. These spraying parks can be fun for children and families of all ages. They can appear safer then pools since the water is typically shallow.

Let us help you with litigation based on your personal injuries

Memorial Day has come and gone and now Chicago residents are fully into the starts of their summers. As children finish their school years and parents plan vacations for their families, many individuals will be enjoying recreational activities to fill the warm hours of their days. With Lake Michigan right in many individuals' backyards, water activities, such as boating and jet skiing, are often popular with people who wish to cool off from the season's heat.

Recreational swimming accidents in Chicago should be prevented

When people in Illinois think about the summer, they likely think about the variety of recreational activities they have involving water. Illinois can get quite hot, and seeking respite in a swimming pool can be a welcomed change for residents. However, as summer approaches, people throughout Illinois should understand the risks of recreational water accidents. In particular, swimming pool accidents can lead to serious injuries -- including brain injuries -- and fatalities.

What are recreational water illnesses?

People expect recreation activities in Illinois to be fun, exciting and engaging. However, very few people engage in recreational activities expecting to suffer from serious injuries -- especially not fatal injuries. However, individuals should know that there are risks to even seemingly benign recreational activities. These risks are increased when property owners and other caretakers fail to follow basic safety steps to keep Illinois residents safe.

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