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Those injured by a recalled product have options

This blog overviewed the product recall process in a previous post. One of the important takeaways from that post was that a product recall action does not mean that a person affected by the Illinois defective product is going to get compensation, other than perhaps a replacement product, a refund or a free repair of the product. On the other hand, just because a product is not subject to a recall does not mean the product is safe.

How a product recall works

Many Chicago area residents have probably heard of a product being recalled, as recalls often make the news and are sometimes national headline-grabbers. A few people in the area and throughout Illinois may have even had to return a recalled product or two in order to get a refund. Still, many people might not be aware of exactly how the process works.

Filing a products liability lawsuit following an injury

Most Illinois residents purchase consumer goods on a fairly regular basis. Many of these goods are supposed to be harmless. In fact, people often expect them to be good for them. Products like clothing, food and children's toys are supposed to carry little or no risk to consumers.

Medications and product liability

People across the United States rely on medications in order to remain healthy. Especially as the American population ages, more people are taking non-prescription and prescription medication on a daily basis. Without this medicine, many people would struggle with health issues and may have a reduced quality of life.

When should you consider litigation for a defective car?

For many people in Illinois, their car is extremely important to them. For them, their car is trusted to get them where they need to go and keep them safe along the way. And, in most cases, this is exactly what happens. Cars are equipped with many safety features meant to prevent accidents. If accidents do occur, these cars have many safety features designed to prevent injuries.

Leaf blower recalled after injuries

With fall quickly approaching in Illinois many homeowners are headed to the yards to start fall cleanup. They do this with the help of many different tools meant to make the job easier. These tools can save time for many of the people who own them. However, these tools also carry a certain amount of risk when using them.

Holding companies accountable for their mistakes

Almost everyone has had the experience of purchasing a product only to find out it does not perform exactly the way a person thought it would. Some products are just plain disappointing. They break easily, or fail to live up to what they were supposed to do. Usually, these disappointments are just a fact of life.

What is strict liability?

As this blog has discussed on many occasions, manufacturers are expected to produce products that are safe for consumers to use. However, many of these manufacturers fall short of these expectations. In these cases, people are sometimes injured by products they have purchased in the marketplace. Some of these injuries can be severe and cause long lasting damage.

IKEA recalls furniture in Illinois after children die

IKEA is a popular shopping destination for many people in Illinois. Illinois has two IKEA locations that Illinois residents can enjoy. Worldwide, the retail giant operates 361 different stores. The store sells everything from children's products and food to furniture.

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