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Failure to supervise patient forms basis of wrongful death claim

Nursing home patients face a number of hazards that do not affect the general hospital patient population. Nursing home patients are prone to falling in hallways and bathrooms. Elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia are at risk for failing to take medications and failing to follow caregivers' orders. These hazards place special burdens on the staffs of the nursing homes, but the law in Illinois requires nursing home employees to recognize their patients' special needs and to provide proper care. As a recent lawsuit demonstrates, the staff's alleged neglect in a Chicago nursing home can have tragic results.

If it looks like neglect, families can seek compensation

Many families in the Chicago area trust nursing homes to take care of their aging loved ones so that they can be protected and adequately comforted in the final years of their lives. However, as a recent post on this blog illustrated, sometimes nursing homes, either accidentally or for more nefarious reasons, betray this trust and leave their aged patients seriously injured or dead prematurely.

Man sues after relative dies in Cook County nursing home

A family who had placed their loved one in the care of a nursing home located in one of the suburbs of Chicago is now suing the facility after the loved one died following a brain injury. In addition to naming the nursing home itself as a defendant, the suit also accused two nurses of negligence.

Nursing home neglect lawsuit filed after man's death

Illinois residents often need to rely nursing homes to take care of elderly loved ones. These medical facilities are supposed to provide the day-to-day and medical care that their residents need. However, many facilities fall short of these expectations and nursing home residents are subject to injuries from abuse or neglect. In these cases, legal remedies may be available, which can be seen by one recent case.

What types of medication errors occur in nursing homes?

With America's population aging, many families face difficult situations when their love ones are no longer able to care for themselves. Many people wish that their family members would be able to continue to live independently, but this is not the reality for many in our state. When people notice that an elderly family member is no longer able to care for him or herself, they may wonder about their elderly loved one's long-term care options.

Regulation of Illinois nursing homes

Each year many more Illinois residents become unable to care for themselves. Baby boomers are rapidly reaching retirement age and starting to experience the many physical issues that can accompany getting older. While medical advancements have increased the quality of healthcare, not every disease is curable. There are many mental and physical conditions that require constant care and supervision as individuals age.

Nursing homes can be held accountable when people suffer

Older people can be extremely vulnerable. Their health may keep them from doing all the things they love to do. It can also keep them from the people they love. Even though families may want to care for their elderly family members, their family member's health may require more significant healthcare interventions.

What causes falls in nursing homes?

Nursing homes are supposed to be trusted places that take care of elderly people who have difficulty caring for themselves. Families across Illinois depend on nursing homes to take care of their residents with the utmost care. Often, these families have no choice but to place trust in these facilities as their loved-ones age.

Preventing falls in nursing homes

Many Americans are getting older and facing serious health problems. However, many families are not equipped to deal with serious medical issues. Therefore, they rely on nursing homes to take care of their elderly family members. Nursing homes are supposed to provide a safe place for elderly people to live and to receive the medical care that they need.

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