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Truck driver causes fatal crash while choking on food

A couple weeks ago, we discussed some common behaviors drivers engage in that are likely to cause distracted driving accidents. Of course, every Illinois driver knows that texting while driving is illegal and dangerous, but there are plenty of other driver distractions that can be just as likely to cause a crash.

Study lists the driving distractions that lead to fatal crashes

Distracted driving is a huge problem in Chicago and throughout the state. Despite laws against texting or using a handheld cellphone while driving, these distractions are still responsible for countless car accidents and injuries.

Like Toyota, Ford faces its own 'unintended acceleration' lawsuit

Chicago readers no doubt remember the sudden acceleration scandal that has plagued Toyota for the last few years. Many car accidents were blamed on this alleged vehicle defect and Toyota is only now settling the bulk of related lawsuits.

New study confirms that caffeine can reduce truck accident risks

Last week, we wrote about the controversial changes to the trucking industry's hours-of-service rules that are set to go into effect this summer. While many professional truck drivers oppose changes that mandate more rest breaks and put limits on consecutive driving hours, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recognizes that the HOS rules need to be changed in order to better prevent truck driver fatigue and related truck accidents.

Trucking company in fatal crash has history of traffic violations

Trucking companies are the lifeblood of shipping in the contiguous United States. It ultimately doesn't matter where a particular company is located, because its drivers may travel across the entire country.

Can you multitask safely behind the wheel? Study says think again

In previous posts, we have written many times about the growing problem of distracted driving, both here in Chicago and around the nation. Despite the widespread public knowledge that texting and other distracted driving behaviors significantly increase the chances of a car accident, a growing number of Americans are giving into distractions behind the wheel.

Toyota reaches settlement with Illinois, other states over recalls

Chicago readers no doubt remember the Toyota recall scandal of 2009-2010. The automaker once enjoyed a reputation for building some of the safest and most durable vehicles on the road, but Toyota's credibility was severely tarnished after dragging its feet on recalls related to sticky accelerator pedals, "sudden unintended acceleration," and other potentially fatal defects.

Truck accidents across the western world have similar causes

We regularly discuss critical safety issues that affect the American trucking industry and American motorists by extension. According to a newly released report out of Europe, many of the exact same safety concerns that our society struggles with each day plague other western nations as well.

ATA explores blame for serious truck accidents

Accidents happen. We learn this phrase from childhood, but what does it really mean? On a practical level, our society understands that human error will always exist in every endeavor that we attempt repeatedly. Human error is a concept recognizing that no matter how hard we try to perfect a given process, we will unintentionally stray from perfection at various times for any number of reasons.

Focusing on entry-level drivers and truck accident rates

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is required by law to establish a baseline set of mandatory requirements for entry-level driver training (ELDT) by mid-October of 2013. These critical truck regulations will aim to establish a greater emphasis on safety and accountability among the newest commercial vehicle drivers on the road.

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