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Distracted driving: Don't become a death & injury statistic

Statistics are important to understanding large trends and concepts. But to most people, statistics don’t have much impact if they are not presented in a relevant and easy-to-grasp context. Perhaps this is why many Americans continue to engage in distracted driving despite data showing it to be dangerous and deadly.

Jimmy John's 'freaky fast delivery' policy blamed for fatal crash

In light of the terrible winter weather this year, it’s probably a safe bet that Chicago restaurants offering delivery are getting a lot of business. Whether you want pizza, Chinese food or a good old-fashioned sandwich, chances are that you can find a restaurant to bring it to your door.

Frosted windshields and snow on cars make for dangerous driving

Native Chicagoans have more than a little experience driving in wintry conditions. Many of us are so used to the changes necessary for winter driving that they come as second nature. That being said, there are plenty of drivers out there willing to put the safety of others at risk because they are too lazy to maintain their car in winter.

Foggy weather may have led to multi-vehicle car accidents

Inclement weather might be enough for many drivers to exercise excess caution on the road, but those who do not may find themselves facing civil or even criminal penalties if they cause a serious car accident. In Illinois, car accidents in times of less than ideal weather might be especially frightening for those who do take the time to slow down and ensure their safety on the road. A recent wreck involving several vehicles driving under foggy road conditions resulted in at least one serious injury.

Illinois boy's wrongful death caused by alleged carjacker

Being on Illinois roadways is always somewhat dangerous, since car accidents can occur anywhere at any time. Fortunately, most people end up getting safely to their destinations. Sadly, one family wasn't so lucky on the weekend before Christmas. A suspected carjacker crashed into their vehicle as they were heading out to get holiday haircuts, killing an 11-year-old boy. As police search for the man responsible for this tragedy, the boy's family likely has grounds for a wrongful death suit.

1 of Chicago's car accidents leaves 3 with serious injuries

Being involved in an accident often leaves an individual shaken. Car accidents that result in serious injuries and death can make one even more distressed. Driving at night requires extra awareness of one's surroundings, especially in a town where there are pedestrians walking around. An automobile collision in Chicago resulted in the serious injury of three people.

Illinois man's DUI conviction may make case for wrongful death

If a person is convicted of DUI in Illinois following a fatal car accident, he or she may suffer consequences beyond any criminal penalties. After a recent criminal case, a 19-year-old man expressed remorse over the drunk driving crash that killed one of his passengers. While he may feel genuine sorrow over his actions that led to the 39-year-old's death, he may also face the decedent's family if they decide to file a wrongful death claim against him.

Video of 50-car pile-up reminds us about winter driving hazards

When you live in Chicago (or the Midwest generally) it should go without saying that winter driving necessarily looks and feels a lot different than driving at any other time of year. Snow, ice, low visibility and very cold temperatures require motorists to slow down and drive defensively.

Google Glass wearer cited for distracted driving

Although it is not yet available to the general public, you have probably already heard of "Google Glass." Internet giant Google has created a wearable computer primarily housed in a pair of glasses. The device essentially lets users view the real world overlayed with images and text (often from the web) displayed in the lenses.

Latest distracted driving trend: Taking 'selfies' behind the wheel

Perhaps one of the most annoying trends among millennials is the obsessive need to document every mundane aspect of one's life, to share it online and to coin new buzz words to describe the process of documentation. The cellphone camera and social media sites seem largely to blame for creating the "selfie;" a word now recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary that describes self portraits taken with a smartphone.

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