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Understanding Medical Malpractice By Radiologists

X-rays are one of the oldest diagnostic tools in medicine. The field has advanced from using x-rays to take pictures of the body to using high energy radiation to treat cancer. While the use of x-rays as a diagnostic tool is perhaps the oldest use of the technology, it is also the leading cause of malpractice suits against Chicago radiologists.

Failure to supervise patient forms basis of wrongful death claim

Nursing home patients face a number of hazards that do not affect the general hospital patient population. Nursing home patients are prone to falling in hallways and bathrooms. Elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia are at risk for failing to take medications and failing to follow caregivers' orders. These hazards place special burdens on the staffs of the nursing homes, but the law in Illinois requires nursing home employees to recognize their patients' special needs and to provide proper care. As a recent lawsuit demonstrates, the staff's alleged neglect in a Chicago nursing home can have tragic results.

The estate of a woman who died while she was a patient in the Southpoint Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has begun a lawsuit charging that the nursing home staff was negligent in the care of the woman and that the negligence caused her death. The lawsuit alleges that the elderly woman fell because the staff did not provide supervision that could have prevented the fall. The complaint also alleges that the fall caused the woman's skin to deteriorate and that the staff did not provide proper treatment for this condition. The nursing home has not yet filed its answer to the allegations of the complaint. The case was filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

OSHA imposes penalties in fatal construction accident case

The accidental death of a Chicago demolition worker has caused the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to impose a number of penalties on the responsible parties, including the company that employed the deceased worker. OSHA investigated the accident and concluded that the Chicago work-related death was preventable.

Omega Demolition Corp. was hired by the Illinois Tollway Authority to demolish the bridge that carried I-90 over Touhy Avenue. According to OSHA's investigators, the decedent was cutting the bracing between two beams when one of them fell on him. Numerous workers were injured in the accident, but only one died from his injuries. After OSHA completed its investigation, the regional administrator said that the accident was preventable and that the contractor had violated federal standards intended to prevent over-stressing of steel structures. The violation was deemed to be the direct cause of the worker's death.

Common causes of semi-truck accidents

Car accidents with semis are nearly always fatal for the car drivers and passengers. You want to do anything you can to avoid a collision with a tractor trailer. The most obvious way is to follow driving rules concerning safely sharing the road with big rigs. That is not the only thing you can do, however. Being aware of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents can also help you prevent them from happening to you.

Recognizing the signs of nursing home neglect

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you want to be sure he or she is getting good care. While there are different types of nursing homes, all of them must maintain a basic standard of care. When a home fails to uphold care and a resident suffers harm as a result, his or her family members have the option of pursuing a lawsuit.

Those injured by a recalled product have options

This blog overviewed the product recall process in a previous post. One of the important takeaways from that post was that a product recall action does not mean that a person affected by the Illinois defective product is going to get compensation, other than perhaps a replacement product, a refund or a free repair of the product. On the other hand, just because a product is not subject to a recall does not mean the product is safe.

Product recalls are in fact one means of ensuring consumer safety from unscrupulous or just careless product developers and manufacturers who put a dangerous product on the market. Another means of holding such parties accountable is via a product liability lawsuit. The advantage to a lawsuit is that the manufacturer can actually be required to pay victims necessary expenses like medical bills and lost income, along with noneconomic damages like pain and suffering.

What happens when commercial truckers are distracted?

Sharing the road with commercial truckers can be challenging in the best circumstances, and when cars and trucks collide, smaller automobiles are usually on the losing end of things. Your chances of being a victim of a trucker accident jump considerably when the truck driver is distracted. Just as distractions such as phone use or eating or drinking behind the wheel frequently contribute to accidents among regular motorists, distractions are also an issue for many truck drivers.

How a product recall works

Many Chicago area residents have probably heard of a product being recalled, as recalls often make the news and are sometimes national headline-grabbers. A few people in the area and throughout Illinois may have even had to return a recalled product or two in order to get a refund. Still, many people might not be aware of exactly how the process works.

It is important to remember that several different government agencies have the authority to demand and supervise product recalls when a dangerous product poses a threat to consumer safety. This overview serves as some general guidance about how one agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, handles recalls.

I lost a loved one on the job; can I sue?

Like all of the other states, Illinois has a workers' compensation system in place to ensure the families of employees get some compensation when their loved one be killed or even seriously injured in connection with their work. Workers' compensation also pays benefits to families who lose a loved-one due to a work-related illness, such as cancers related to asbestos exposure.

However, in exchange for these benefits, which get awarded on a no-fault basis and are supposed to be paid relatively quickly, families give up important rights, including the right to sue their loved one's employer for wrongful death. Moreover, workers' compensation does not pay for everything and definitely does not compensate for emotional damages like the mental anguish and suffering a grieving family faces after a tragic work-related death.

If it looks like neglect, families can seek compensation

Many families in the Chicago area trust nursing homes to take care of their aging loved ones so that they can be protected and adequately comforted in the final years of their lives. However, as a recent post on this blog illustrated, sometimes nursing homes, either accidentally or for more nefarious reasons, betray this trust and leave their aged patients seriously injured or dead prematurely.

There are many signs and symptoms of nursing home neglect, and any one of them could mean that a family should consider, if possible, finding alternative care for their loved one and seeking compensation for that loved one's injuries, or, in the most serious cases, a loved one's death.

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