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Are death benefits payable for an IL construction site injury?

In Illinois, work-related deaths occur due to a variety of reasons, such as construction accidents, defective roof structures on the construction site, falls from heights, unsafe ladders and scaffolding supplied by the employer or dangerous tools used by the employee.

A construction vehicle injury, trench collapse or other such incident can result in the death of the employee. An Illinois construction site injury resulting in death is one of the more unfortunate fates that a worker and his or her near and dear ones can suffer. However, legal recourse is available for survivors of the deceased in order to claim compensation for expenses related to the misfortune.

Woman dies due to nursing home mistakes

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect is not a rare occurrence in this country. In a recent case, a nursing home was fined and cited after investigators found that staff mistakes resulted in a resident choking and dying.

Apparently, the staff of the nursing home gave the resident oral medication mixed with applesauce, and after taking it, the resident choked and died two days later. The healthcare center has been slapped with $75,000 fine, along with a Class AA citation, according to a recent report. It is said to be the most severe penalty under the laws of the state.

Do statutory caps on damages affect medical negligence claims?

In Illinois and throughout the rest of the United States, there has been a sharp increase in medical malpractice premiums over the past decade; as a result, medical malpractice insurance has regained interest. Illinois personal injury experts have observed that this phenomenon may be due to the adoption of statutory caps by states, which limit the amount of damages that a plaintiff can recover in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The question that arises is, what is considered fair compensation for a victim of medical negligence? The other question that comes up is, what is the government's position in the event that the death occurs due to medical negligence and how does that relate to statutory caps?

The controversy regarding statutory caps for damages may not be unjustified. There is a frequent disagreement as to whether statutory caps actually help reduce malpractice premiums, how medical errors might be affected by them and whether they allow fair compensation for injured patients. Another question is whether the caps actually reduce the expenses on medical liability insurance, increase access to health care and lower health insurance expenses.

Illinois personal injury law offers medical negligence solutions

Illinois personal injury laws treat medical negligence and medical malpractice very seriously because such cases are a relatively frequent occurrence in the state, as well throughout the rest of the U.S. The legal system has been designed in such a way that extensive discovery is encouraged, along with negotiations between conflicting parties. The sole objective here is to adequately address the grievances of the injured party or compensate the representatives of a deceased victim whose death resulted from the medical negligence.

In medical negligence lawsuits in which the injured party or the representatives of the deceased are alleging medical malpractice, it must be shown that there was negligence on the part of the physician. There must be proof that the physician failed to render due care to the patient, which, in turn, resulted in the death of the patient or injury to the patient.

Illinois legislation aims to reduce product liability

Chicago products liability cases may be able to meet with a speedier resolution due to the recent introduction of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). As a direct result of the implementation of the CPSIA, the Consumer Product Safety Commission may be able to enforce with greater speed and authority certain measures and policies that help reinforce the rights of consumers at large.

Dangerous and defective products can threaten consumer safety. In such cases, the CPSA investigates and finds a resolution to the case. With the introduction of the CPSIA and the positive changes it has brought about to the CPSA's various statues, the commission currently has access to a number of regulatory and enforcement tools.

Illinois vacationers witness fiery death of pilot

Illinois employers and government authorities tasked with worker safety employ and implement policies that are usually geared toward protecting workers against Illinois construction site injuries, which may involve dangerous tools or falls from heights. However, there is certain work that is automatically associated with danger. In a recent case of a work-related fatality, a pilot lost his life while he was battling a forest fire.

According to authorities, a pilot died while he was fighting a wildfire at a national park. His death could only be confirmed hours after his plane crashed, when investigators were able to reach the site of the wreckage. Authorities believe that the accident occurred as the pilot was dropping down to deploy the fire retardant in an effort to control the spread of the fire up a canyon wall. The victim's name has not been released because his family members have not been notified yet.

Is a facility operator accountable for a boating accident?

The owner of any property is responsible for making sure that the premises is well maintained and that necessary safety measures are in place to reduce the probability of an accident. The owner is also responsible for providing adequate warnings to people asking them not to enter his or her property if it is in an unsafe condition.

The laws of premises liability in Illinois, and other parts if the country, extend to cover personal as well as commercial properties. Chicago personal injury experts may have a clearer insight into how injuries connected to recreational activities can extend into a case of premises liability.

Martin Healy Jr., has been chosen as Person of the Year by the Irish American Heritage Center/ IBAM committee

Accepting the award this past weekend, our firm's Managing Partner, Martin Healy Jr., has been chosen as Person of the Year by the Irish American Heritage Center/ IBAM committee for his dedication and support of the Irish community in Chicago. Click here to read more!

Understanding joint and several liability laws in Illinois

Doctors, physicians and medical care personnel enjoy a position of trust and responsibility when it comes to questions of healthcare. However, there may be situations when a misdiagnosis or medical negligence may lead to bodily injury or even the death of a patient. The laws surrounding Chicago medical malpractice are therefore geared towards protecting the rights of patients and holding healthcare professionals responsible for any activity which may cause harm to the patient.

Illinois state laws subscribe to the theory of joint and several liabilities when it comes to adjudicating matters relating to medical malpractice. Joint and several liability can be viewed as a merging of two theories of establishing liability; usually, joint and several liability pertains to cases when more than one person or entity may be held liable for a certain act or acts which can amount to medical malpractice.

Giving Illinois's elderly the care they deserve

Residents of Chicago have been as much witnesses of a trend as residents in other American cities. Elderly people who continue to live dignified lives are suddenly left incapacitated or injured without anyone being aware of it as a possibly fatal duration of time. Consequently, many people choose the relative luxury of a nursing home where their loved ones are provided with all of the necessary care, including medical care.

Often, such hospices, or homes, combine the features of a residence with those of a hospital. In that case, the occupant is not only provided with continual care but also the requisite medical facilities. In many cases, this may continue for the remainder of the person's life and can often be the difference between a continually sad existence and a dignified passing.

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