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Failure to diagnose cancer causes delay in treatment

When a person feels sick, it is recommended by health professionals to not take over the counter medicines and instead visit a doctor. This is done by people in Illinois with the firm belief that the doctor will be able to correctly diagnose their illness, help the patient get correct treatment on time, and ultimately stop the disease or infection from spreading; sometimes though, the doctor may fail to properly diagnose the medical condition.

This happened in a case where the parents of a boy who was suffering from a fever took him to a hospital in Illinois. The same doctor examined the boy 13 times and repeatedly informed the parents that the child was suffering from persistent fever. Upon a request by the parents, the doctor also examined a swelling that had formed on the boy's left buttock. The boy was subsequently taken to a children's hospital where he was diagnosed with a slow-growing cancer.

Elder abuse may be prevalent in Illinois nursing homes

Family members usually do their best to take care of and provide for their elderly loved ones. However, there can be a stage in life when the elderly person is not be able to take care of themselves and may have to be admitted into a nursing home. The family should be confident that their loved ones are safe in the nursing home with professionals to care for their needs. However, this is often not the case, as can be seen in a recent event when a nursing home staff member from Illinois was arrested after allegedly hitting a disabled resident.

According to officers, the 27-year-old nursing home staff member hit a disabled resident in the face, causing injuries to the resident's head. The disabled resident was subsequently treated in a hospital and released. The nursing home worker was arrested and charged with aggravated battery to a disabled person. The Illinois Department of Public Health and Quincy Police Department are investigating the incident.

Couple files product liability case against Diamond Pet Foods

Illinois residents would probably agree that if a defective product reaches a consumer the retailer, as well as the manufacturer, cannot duck their responsibilities. Product liability laws have been passed in order to ensure consumer safety by penalizing any manufacturer of defective products. One company is now facing an Illinois defective product liability case.

In a recent case, an Illinois couple filed a liability case against Diamond Pet Foods, a company that manufactures dog food, claiming that one of them contracted salmonella from defective dog food, even though the manufacturer recalled the dangerous and defective product. The product was manufactured between late 2011 and early 2012. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there was an outbreak of the bacteria Salmonella Infantis in dog food. As of July of 2012, 49 people were infected with the bacteria as a result.

Two Illinois workers die in workplace accident

Illinois residents might agree that the death of a worker from a workplace accident is very traumatic for the family and friends of the accident victim. The family's loss is first and foremost emotional, but the loss can have a huge financial impact as well. The financial difficulties may increase if the worker had to undergo medical treatment before dying due to injuries. The employer of the accident victim may have to pay the worker's compensation to cover treatment of the injuries and other accident-related expenses in the event of a death on the work premises.

In a recent incident, one worker was killed on site and another was critically injured and died after arriving at the hospital. The accident occurred at an agricultural supplement plant when the two workers were cleaning a tanker, which was filled with carbon monoxide gas. The tanker was one of many on the line.

Four-year-old boy drowns in Chicago suburb country club

The unexpected loss of a loved one, especially a child, to a fatal accident is a most tragic event. An Illinois serious injuries lawyer may be able to provide a legal context to such tragedies. The pain and suffering of family members caused in the wake of such an incident can be devastating. A Chicago suburb was the scene of such an incident last week.

On a Saturday afternoon, a 4-year-old boy lost his life when he drowned on the premises of a local country club. The county coroner's office is still trying to piece together the chain of events culminating in the fatal tragedy. An autopsy has been scheduled.

Illinois worker dies in tragic workplace accident

When a worker is killed in an accident at the workplace, the situation will inevitably be traumatic for members of his or her family. Not only is the family robbed of their livelihood, but they also go through a difficult emotional phase. If the worker underwent treatment before succumbing to the injuries, there may be medical expenses to address as well. An employer of workers affected by an Illinois construction site injury may be required to pay workers' compensation for employees injured or other expenses in the event of a fatality on the premises.

Recently, an Illinois worker for a vehicle signaling device manufacturer was killed after being caught in a press. After the accident happened, the worker was airlifted to Swedish-American Hospital in Belvidere, but he succumbed to his traumatic injuries the following morning.

Consumer safety recall of yogurt-covered Craisins

If a dangerous or defective product in Chicago manages to reach a consumer and causes harm, the manufacturer, as well as the retailer, cannot escape liability for any injury caused to the consumer. The principal aim of product liability laws is to secure consumer safety by penalizing any action that may compromise the consumer.

On certain occasions, the manufacturer may have reason to believe that any product produced by them may pose a threat to the consumer or subject them to toxic exposure. It would then be prudent for the manufacturer to recall the product or batch of products concerned before they can cause any actual injury or illness to a consumer. If such injury or illness occurs, the consumer will be in a position to claim a hefty compensation from the manufacturer, which is what product recalls seek to prevent. An example of such product recall has been recently witnessed in Chicago, where the Ocean Spray firm has recalled two batches of Greek yogurt covered Craisins, dried cranberries.

Illinois boat accident causes injuries to four people

If a resident of Illinois spends leisure time involved in some form of recreational activity, that person most likely will not think about the possibility of an accident occurring, which may lead to serious injuries to himself or herself, as well as to others. Unfortunately, such accidents occur far too frequently and can cause head injuries and/or spinal injuries, which can make a victim's life very difficult.

Recently, a speed boat and a pontoon boat collided on the Illinois River, which caused serious injury to at least four. The victims were taken to Morris Hospital & Healthcare Center to be treated for their injuries. At least ten other passengers refused any medical treatment at all. Both boats had to be towed away, although there was much more extensive damage to the speed boat.

Ice cream recalled from Illinois stores suspecting allergen

There is no doubt that of all the inhabitants of Illinois, there are many who savor ice cream like a delicacy. There are even such people who would go to considerable lengths and pay even a steep price to get hold of their desired flavor of ice cream. However, one can scarcely imagine the trauma and disappointment that such a person can experience if after consuming the delicacy of choice, he or she suffers from some physical problem owing to the product turning out to be defective or dangerous or owing to toxic exposure of some defective ingredient.

Consumer safety is accorded considerable significance by law and therefore, any injury caused to the consumer from an Illinois defective product may lead to filing of a lawsuit under product liability. If the producer or manufacturer of a product has any reason to believe that a product contains any feature or substance that can cause discomfort or injury to a consumer and the same has not been represented properly while the product has been sold, then the producer or manufacturer may choose to recall the product.

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