Chicago Truck Accident Attorneys

We share the roads in Illinois with a great number of semi tractor-trailers. However, if a semi driver causes an accident by driving tired or speeding, we don't share in the consequences. While truck drivers typically walk away from accidents, the people in the other vehicle are often killed or suffer devastating injuries.

Illinois Lawyers Recovering Compensation for Your Trucking Injury

At Healy Scanlon Law Firm in Chicago, our Chicago truck accident lawyers are known for holding truck drivers and their employers accountable when their negligence injures innocent people. We have obtained multimillion-dollar recoveries for truck accident victims, some examples, including:

  • $23.7 million for victims of a truck accident in Plainfield that caused the death of two people and severely injured another. The jury verdict was the largest ever in Will County.
  • $20.2 million for an intersection accident that caused the death of three teenagers in Indiana.
  • $9.3 million for the family of a man who was killed at a Chicago construction site in an accident involving a truck.
  • $25.1 million for an intersection collision in Schaumburg that caused a man to become a paraplegic.

Truck driver fatigue plays a role in many of the truck accident cases we handle, including the case in Will County. Truck speeding was a factor in the intersection accident that led to the deaths of three teenagers. While truck drivers rarely admit to wrongdoing, our lawyers conduct painstaking investigations to uncover the truth.

For example, if a truck driver claims that he or she took required rest breaks, our lawyers will compare the driver logbook with evidence such as toll and gas receipts. We will interview witnesses and hire experts to reconstruct the accident scene and evaluate the safety of the roads and highways on which the accident occurred. Our attorneys will investigate the background of the truck driver and the maintenance history of the vehicle, as well as its crashworthiness.

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